20 Ekim 2010 Çarşamba

what's up? - seven

don't "sweden" me anymore!!.. it's america from now on..

school started again.. as usual, i'm absent on first couple of weeks.. that school deserves a student like me..

i've just won a frame of snooker against my friend göksel today.. got to keep tryin.. come on!!..

i'll apply to an american university for master of music program in NY.. i badly want to be a newyorker.. "universe; please send me there and prevent me coming back ever!.." seriously.. i'm so sick of this place, even the tiniest detail of it! everything here gets heavier and heavier for me to carry on my shoulders.. i'm not that into "life's hard.. i can't take it anymore" bullshit.. i just.. you know, as referred in a teenager song called "creep" by radiohead : "i don't belong here".. and don't ever judge me like i'm a conceited man.. maybe i'll hate newyork too.. but i feel like i need a fresh start.. i missed a lot of chances to do it and i just don't wanna miss it again.. so please wish me luck.. i'll need it..

yeah.. i'm aware that this is my first blog entry in english.. and why did i do that? i just dunno.. it came out that way..

i feel guilt! for a couple of things happened in my past.. and i feel like i've got to make it up to these people whom i've done wrong.. yeah.. karma style!..

i haven't been to the cinemas for a while.. i'm open for an invitation to go see a movie that'll worth it.. or any suggestion would be ok. like "that movie is awesome! u should see it before it's too late!!"..

yeah.. i'm aware that "my english" sucks!.. just don't rub it in my face!!

i don't expect galatasaray to accomplish on any single achivement this year.. and i don't make a big deal out of it coz i'm sure our team is nothing but a bunch of morons.. deal with it!.. and stop massin' with rijkaard.. he is the only guy who has an actual brain in the team..

girls, you look soo UGGly in those boots.. please, don't wear'em..

i wish i could speak american, english, irish, scottish, texas, welsh and black accents.. they are so amazing.. especially scottish & irish.. i just love'em!..

guys, let's scream "touchdown" after everytime we "hit that"!!.. (omg.. what a jerk!!)

"spartacus ; blood and sand" is obviously misnamed.. the correct name is: "spartacus ; blood and sex".. seriously, are you that uncreative to use anything but blood and sex? so pathetic..

and ofcourse one of the best tv series of all time: Avatar the Last Airbender.. don't underestimate it coz it's cartoon.. awesome man, totally awesome!!..

i'm desperately in need of a "rakı-balık" session.. yeah, writing in english, but still a proud turk deep down.. "yarasınn!!!"

i'm tired of promising myself on something, and breaking my own words.. i've got to be more reliable to myself. but just don't know how to do.. need a little help here!!..

it's almost 5:00am.. my brain is letting me down so i have to end up my lines here..

see you!!..

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